Department Rules & Regulations

Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine


Premises Registration As from May 1 2012, any premises (which included shows, fairs and markets) where horses or other equines are gathered must be registered with the Department. Owners/persons in charge of such gatherings are required to submit a completed application form for registration and to keep records of movements on/off their premises.
Records must by retained for at least 3 years as they may be required by the Department for the purposes of tracing disease.

Records required are:

  • The name and address of the owner/person in charge of the premises from which the equine came
  • Premises registration number from which the equine came
  • Passport number/UEL number of the animal.

It is important therefore that the Show organizers should contact their local District Veterinary office in advance so that consideration can be given to compliance with the requirements above. Any further information on the requirements for moving horses and equines to shows will be provided on the Department’s website.