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All Videos and Photographs have to be created on or after 5th JUNE, 2020

Ponies Class 8: Ridden Show Pony

Rules & Regulations:

Rider to be correct age for the height of the pony. 

Take to video as if from the Judge's perspective

Submit a video, no longer than 3 minutes, of your show piece to include:

  • Stand the animal in the center of your arena or area that you are taking the video from
  • Stand the animal up square and circle your animal slowly taking video of it from all sides
  • Walk away from the camera then turn and trot back straight back
  • Trot a figure of 8
  • Canter a figure of 8
  • Halt Square
Charitable Donation: €5.00 Prizes: 1st - Rosette, 2nd - Rosette, 3rd - Rosette