Class 156Q

Class 156Q

Equine - Horses (Sunday)

Horse Showing Classes Sunday 19th June 2022

Online entries

Online entries close Friday 10th June, 2022. No late entries will be accepted.

Entry Fees:

Horses €20

Kerry Bog / Miniature Horses €15

All working Hunter Classes €20

Brood Mares and Young Horses €20

Foals €10

I.S.A. Qualifiers €10

Prize Money:

Horses: 1st €100; 2nd €60; 3rd €40

Foals: 1st €50; 2nd €30; 3rd €20

Amateur/Riding Club: In Kind

Ridden Hunter Championship; Young Horse Championship; Broodmare Championship; Overall Champion Irish Draught: Champion €250 / Reserve Champion €100

Foal Championship: Champion €75 / Reserve €40

I.S.A. Levy - 5% deducted from prize money.

Each exhibitor will receive one pass into the Show per animal upto a maximum of 4 passes. All other occupants in the vehicle mujst pay the approriate admission fee. 

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Brood Mares, Foals & Irish Draught

Ring starting at am

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Class 156Q: Bantry Show Society IRISH DRAUGHT Foal Munster Championship

Sponsored by: Bantry Show    Prize Fund €2,000

Rules & Conditions

  1. The aim of this championship is to encourage the breeding of Irish Draught Foals.
  2. The championship is open to all foals eligible for Irish Draught Class 1 status.
  3. One foal to be selected at each qualifier.  A second foal may be selected at the discretion of the judges.
  4. The Dam's passport must be produced for inspection at the qualifying rounds and at the final.
  5. The foal's passport must be produced at the final.
  6. One of the judges at the qualifying shows to be from the Irish Draught Horse Judges list if possible.
  7. Foals competing at the final are ineligible to enter any other class at Bantry Show.
  8. There will be separate classes for colt foal and filly foals at the final.
  9. The Champion will be selected from the winners of each class.

These rules should be read in conjunction with the I.S.A. Rules.

Entry Fee: To qualifying shows €10. To final €20.


Champion Colt/Filly €300 / Reserve €200

3rd €100; 4th €80; All other competitors who attend €75

Champion Foal €100 - The overall champion will receive €400 in total.

FINAL: Bantry Show Sunday 4th September 2002

Entry Fee: €10.00 Enter Class Prizes: 1st - First