Class 165

Class 165

Equine - Horses (Sunday)

Entry Fees:
Horses €20; Kerry Bog / Miniature Horses €15; All working Hunter Classes €20;
Brood Mares and Young Horses €20; Foals €10
I.S.A. Qualifiers €10

Prize Money:
Horses: 1st €100; 2nd €60; 3rd €40
Foals: 1st €50; 2nd €30; 3rd €20
Amateur/Riding Club: In Kind

Ridden Hunter Championship; Young Horse Championship; Broodmare Championship; Overall Champion Irish Draught: Champion €250 / Reserve Champion €100
Foal Championship: Champion €75 / Reserve €40

I.S.A. Levy - 5% deducted from prize money.

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Brood Mares, Foals & Irish Draught

Ring 3 starting at 11.00 am
Judges: Mr Kenny Bell, 44 Salterstown, Ballyronan, Co Derry  BT45 6JH and Mrs Gillian Devenney, Dooish, Newtowncunningham, Lifford, Co Donegal

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Mares and foals in the Breeders’ Championship must be presented on the triangle for their conformation and movement assessment. To encourage uniformity, consistency and time efficiency, it is desirable that the presentation of animals at the triangle is properly rehearsed. Below are guidelines for competitors at the Dublin Horse Show and its qualifiers;

The horse will be presented before the judges at A where they will be assessed for conformation and movement. In the case of the Breeders’ Championship, both mare and foal will be presented before the judges at A.

Animals should stand square with all four limbs bearing weight.

For mare and foal combinations, the foal should be presented behind the mare so that both animals can be clearly seen by the judges.

Movement will be assessed on the triangle. The exhibitor will be asked to walk and trot their animal around the triangle (25m× 40m × 25m) in a clockwise direction, one round in walk and one round in trot.

The triangle format allows the judges (who will be positioned at A) to assess natural paces from behind, side and in front - allowing them to easily assess freedom of shoulder, use of back, engagement of the hock, tracking up and straightness in both paces.

Care should be taken that the foal is kept along-side the mare during walk and trot phase going away from and coming back to the judges so that both mare and foal are clearly visible. When the mare and foal are being assessed for movement on the long side of the triangle, the foal should be positioned behind the mare.

Prospective owners/exhibitors are advised to familiarize both themselves and their horse/s with this layout to maximize the art of presentation. Exhibitors should ensure that the foals in particular are well handled and prepared well in advance to perform walk and trot in a balanced and calm manner around the triangle.


Entry Fee: €20.00 Classes are now full. Thank you for your interest. Best of luck to all exhibitors. Results released Friday 18th November.