Class 280

Class 280

Cattle - Saturday 18th June

Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine - DAFM

Important notice regarding movement of bovines to shows.

  • The movement to and from an Agriculture Show within the State must be recorded on the Animal Identification and Movement System(AIM)
  • A specific certificate of compliance for the "Movement of Bovine from a Single Holding to a Show" must be requested prior to the movement of the animals concerned.
  • This form is known as NBAS 31 K - Application Form for a Certificate of Compliance for the Movement of Bovine from a Single Holding to a Show. It can be applied for online or through the Local Regional Veterinary Office.
  • The MAS Cork Summer Show HERD NUMBER is S887
  • Please note that calves that are less than 10 days old cannot be moved to a Show
  • The Movement Notification Section of the Compliance Certificate should be completed by the keeper of the animal and Show Secretary who must clearly indicate the Show Herd Number.
  • The Show movement should be recorded on the Passport
  • Completed forms should be sent by the Show Secretary to the local Regional Veterinary Office within 7 days of the Show. 




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Rare Breeds Cattle

Rare Breeds eligible for entry to competition:

  • Kerry
  • Dexter
  • Irish Moiled
  • Droimeann
  • Belted Galloway
  • Highland
  • Aubrac
  • Saler
  • Speckled Park

Any exhibitor of an animal for which there are no classes listed for that particular breed at this year's Cork Summer Show, should contact the show office:

All entries must be halter trained and led in their respective classes.

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Class 280: Rare Breed Bull born on or before 31 August, 2021 Entry Fee: €15.00 Enter Class Prizes: 1st - €100, 2nd - €50, 3rd - €35