Class 703

Class 703

Floral Art


1. Exhibits to be judged in accordance with the NAFAS Competitions Manual Third Edition 2015

2. Judges: NAFAS National Judge Mary O'Brien and AOIFA Judge Elma Power.

3. Novice (a) An exhibitor who has not won a first prize at a major show. (b) Those holding an AOIFA qualification are ineligible to enter the Novice Class. (c) A Novice may also enter an Open Class.

4. Exhibits must be the unaided work of the competitor and must be assembled in the staging area, and not have been entered previously on any forum.

Pre-done work: Many techniques, whether contemporary or traditional, require a great deal of time to complete. Pre –done work of this type is acceptable in any class, unless specifically excluded by the show schedule.

5. Competitors may enter as many classes as they wish but may not stage more than one entry per class.

6. All exhibits and competitors property will be at the risk of the competitor and neither AOIFA or Cork Summer Show can accept any liability whatsoever for any loss or damage sustained by any competitor.

7. By entering the competition you are agreeing to allowing an image of your design be published and named by AOIFA and the Munster Agricultural Society in any form.

8. The Judge's decision is final.

9. Online Entries only: Entries will open on Friday 1st April and close on Friday 10th June, 2022. 




1. The Competitions Committee will decide the positions of all exhibits

2. Only officials, competitors and other authorised persons will be allowed in the marquee during staging times

3. All measurements in the staging instructions are approximate. All exhibits must be staged at the venue with the exception of the Petite Class which must be pre-done. All exhibits must be staged within the space provided.

4. Aerosol cans of any description must not be used in the competition venue.

5. Competitors will be responsible for the maintenance of their exhibits for the duration of the show

Staging  Friday 17th June 2022 4.00pm to 8.00pm

Judging Saturday 18th June 2022 8.00am – 10.00am

Viewing Saturday 18th June 2022 from 11am

Dismantling Sunday 19th June 2022 5.00pm – 6.00pm


Competitors must ensure that all rubbish is removed from the staging area.





Queries: Munster Agricultural Society / Cork Summer Show.

Tel: 021/4801919  Email:

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Class 703: "FASCINATING FOLIAGE”. OPEN. An Exhibit featuring foliage. Space Allowed: Width 80cm, Depth 70cm, Height 106cm. Staged on tabling covered with AOIFA Green drapes without a background in a marquee. Entry Fee: €5.00 Enter Class Prizes: Gold, Silver Gilt, Silver, Bronze