Class E3

PONIES (Physical) (10th July 2021) (Closed)

PONY JUDGES (Saturday)
Ring 1: Denise Coldbrook & Patrica Hoey

Prize Money:
Individual Class Prizes: 1st €50, 2nd €30, 3rd €20
€200 to each Champion, €50 to each Reserve Champion

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Pure Bred Welsh Pony Section Class E3: Welsh Pony Section A & B (Ring 1 11:15am)

Any age is eligible to take part in this class. 
Stalion/Colts are not eligible to take part in this class.
This class is suitable for any Pure Bred Welsh Pony not shown in Class E1 or E2.
The handler must be the correct age for the height of the pony shown under IPS rules.

Ring Area: Ring 1 Entry Fee: €15.00 Location: Cork Summer Show Grounds Class Closed Prizes: 1st - €50, 2nd - €30, 3rd - €20