Rules & Regulations - Please expand full details section and read in full before entering:

Held under PCGB Rules

  1. All birds must be penned on Sunday 18 June by 10am.  Judging will commence at 10.30am sharp.
  2. While judging is in progress, access to the judging area is restricted to the judges and stewards.
  3. It is a condition of entry that no bird be removed before 5pm on Sunday 18 June and all birds must be removed before 7pm on that date.
  4. It is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor to enter all exhibits in the correct class.
  5. If there are insufficient entries in any class, classes will be amalgamated.
  6. Bantam eggs not to exceed 1.5oz or 42.5g.
  7. No responsibility will be taken by the Munster Agricultural Society (Cork Summer Show) for lost exhibits.
  8. Birds showing signs of illness will be removed by the Head Steward from the tent, there will be no refund of entry fees.
  9. All payments must be made by EFT through the online booking portal
  10. Each Poultry Exhibitor who exhibits 1-3 birds will receive one pass to the Show. An exhibitor who shows more than 4 birds will receive 2 passes to the show.  All other persons accompanying the Exhibitor must pay the appropriate admission fee at the public entrance gate.

Entry Fee: All classes €3.00
Prize Money: €10 Championship Row Winners 
Show Champion €50   Reserve €25