1. The Judge’s decision is final.
  2. Name of Child and Date of Birth is a requisite for entering certain classes. This information is solely for use by the Munster Agricultural Society to determine eligibility for that competition.
  3. Intending exhibitors are requested to peruse the rules and regulations and be prepared to comply with these.
  4. The Society reserves the right to alter or cancel any class or competition at any time.
  5. The Society takes no responsibility for any accident or loss.
  6. The Society has the option of canceling or amalgamating any class where less than three entries have been received
  7. No prize awarded unless 2 compete; no 2nd prize awarded unless 3 compete and no 3rd prize unless 5 compete. This rule will be waived should the Judge consider there is special merit and record same in their book at the time of judging.
  8. Any objection to any winner in any class or competition must be lodged with €50 to the Secretary in writing within one hour of the event.
  9. The Society shall not in any way be liable for any claim for compensation or otherwise arising out of the holding, abandonment or postponement of the show, nor for any claim arising out of or connected with the show.
  10. No Refunds under any circumstances.
  11. Anyone found interfering with any exhibit or disarranging any display will be asked to leave the Show.
  12. Competitors take part in these competitions at their own risk. Cork Summer Show will not be responsible for any injury, loss, or damage incurred while participating in these competitions.