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Floral Art Cork Summer Show 2023 - Sat, 17th Jun, 2023 - Sun, 18th Jun, 2023

An Exhibit staged without the use of floral foam. Space allowed: width 80cm, depth 70cm, height 106cm. Staged on tabling covered with AOIFA green drapes without a background in a marquee.

Floral Art - Opening Notes

Judges: Siobhan McInerney, Mary O'Brien, Elma Power, Carmel Towey and Bridie Terry

Prizes: Prize cards only


No entries permitted on day of event.

Entry Fee:  
Prizes:   1st - Rosette , 2nd - Rosette , 3rd - Rosette , 4th - Rosette , 5th - Rosette , 6th - Rosette
Floral Art - Closing Notes



Class is currently closed for entry.